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We are a special investigative service provider for the research of german citizens with age of majority if government agencies and the internet cannot help.

We provide services to individuals, journalists and the media, public authorities, courts, lawyers, notaries, absenteeism, collection agencies, banks, insurance companies, brokers and managers, landlords, consumers etc.

We need the date of birth of the sought person for the trace. A previous address could be helpful too. Generally you can determine the place of birth with the help of this data. We can also detect a change of name through marriage.

The result of our activity is the determination in compliance with data protection law of the current location or rather the respective country including the postal code.

The processing time is about two weeks.
Also EXPRESS research (two till three days) is possible.

There are solely graded prices inclusive of VAT. You have to pay a deposit of fifty percent with order.
In case of a negative research the deposit will be the package price.
After the delivery of the information the fee will be due. The payment shall be made by bank transfer.

The payments are due irrespective whether or not the information will be used by the client.